Friday, 27 February 2015

Different Approaches for Different Personalities

A physiotherapist in singapore sees an average of 12 patients a day (conservatively!), out of which about 5 would be new patients. Adding up, a physiotherapist would interact and work with 1300 unique individuals in a year! They would come from all walks of life, each having different personalities. Something I read recently made me realize that it would be wise to relate to different clients in different ways as clients would respond to varied treatment styles based on their personalities. Let me quote Susain Cain,

"A very different study, in which robots interacted with stroke patients during physical rehabilitation exercises, yielded strikingly similar results. Introverted patients responded better and interacted longer with robots that were designed to speak in a soothing, gentle manner: “I know it is hard, but remember that it’s for your own good,” and, “Very nice, keep up the good work.” Extroverts, on the other hand, worked harder for robots that used more bracing, aggressive language: “You can do more than that, I know it!” and “Concentrate on your exercise!”"

Quiet, Susan Cain

Interesting. Sometimes you just got to be that evil therapist and at other times, a loving gentle one. 

What are your experiences in using different approaches with different people (in the healthcare setting or otherwise)? Please share!

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